— Mandy

Before Sarah came over, it was hard for me even to decide which room to tackle because my house is so cluttered and disorganized. My ADD brain just does not think that way and it takes a VERY long time for me to organize an area. She emptied the room and helped me decide what to keep, donate or throw away. Everything was organized and looking nice in less than three hours.

My husband was so excited when he came home and saw how great it looked. The best part? I watched and she explained how she was doing her organizing and it inspired me to tackle the pantry! I had my pantry organized that evening thanks to Sarah’s guidance and inspiration. I think it would be worth it to hire her every month, being an unorganized person, to learn how to organize better and tackle a new room, eventually being able to just do maintenance instead of a room overhaul! If you don’t have time to organize or it’s just really hard for you, hire Sarah she is a natural!