— Vanessa

I recently worked with Sarah to organize my home before the arrival of my first baby, and it was an amazing experience from start to finish. Sarah is just naturally good at organizing- her brain functions in a manner that mine simply does not.  Her advice was helpful and honest, and I never felt judged or overwhelmed.

We started with the nursery where she helped me organize everything in a practical and functional manner. Since I am a first time mom, it was an added bonus when she explained the function and use of much of the baby gear and gadgets I had received.  She also provided useful suggestions for changes to implement later in the nursery as the baby grows older.

In addition to the nursery, Sarah also helped me organize the kitchen pantry. She took everything out and started from scratch to organize all the contents into baskets and bins. I can now actually see all of the food in the pantry and everything now has a place of where it “belongs.”  She helped me utilize baskets and bins I already owned but also gave me some additional organizational systems to consider at various different price points.

After Sarah completed our initial project, I immediately felt like I was in more control and ready for the arrival of our new baby. And as an added bonus, she is just a pleasure to work with. I can’t wait to use her again to help me organize closets in the rest of the house as well as my office at work.