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I’m 6 months pregnant and the nesting phase has officially begun. However, when I went to tackle my closet, I knew I had to hire a professional. It is the one area of my house that constantly defeats me, depresses me and gives me anxiety. Thankfully Sarah was up for the challenge and her brain works completely different than mine! (more…)

— Kary

Every time I open my newly organized craft/kid/entertaining closet I take a *sigh* of relief and notice a huge smile come across my face. Sarah is WONDERFUL to work with. She has helped regain function to my “catch all” chaotic closet. When working with Sarah you never feel “judged” for the clutter you have accumulated because lets be honest- we all have it  (more…)

— Rachel

I recently worked with Sarah to organize my home before the arrival of my first baby, and it was an amazing experience from start to finish. Sarah is just naturally good at organizing- her brain functions in a manner that mine simply does not.  Her advice was helpful and honest, and I never felt judged or overwhelmed. (more…)

— Vanessa

Before Sarah came over, it was hard for me even to decide which room to tackle because my house is so cluttered and disorganized. My ADD brain just does not think that way and it takes a VERY long time for me to organize an area. She emptied the room and helped me decide what to keep, donate or throw away. Everything was organized and looking nice in less than three hours. (more…)

— Mandy