It Was Time for A Toy Purge

It’s summertime and a lot of times that means kids are home more which means kids are playing more with their toys and if your kids are like mine it means toys start appearing EVERYWHERE in the house! My boys have toy boxes in their rooms that were stuffed to the rim. There were also a lot of toys they were not playing with and with my youngest being 3 there were a lot of baby toys he had outgrown. It was time for a toy purge!

I started the toy purge after the kids had a play date so the play room was a disaster – see evidence below!

Instead of making the kids clean-up, I took the opportunity to do it while simultaneously going through every toy and deciding whether to keep, sell, donate, recycle or pitch. I brought in their toy boxes from their room and the miscellaneous toys spread through the rest of our home to go through as well.

I asked the boys for a little input – my older was more easily able to let things go; my little did not want to give anything away which makes sense given his age! We already have some great organization systems set-up in the room. In pictures above you can see at the back of the room a 4-cube organizer – there are two of these. We also have a bookshelf that houses some games and puzzles.

Once we had gone through everything and decided what we wanted to keep it was time to take care of the rest. I bagged up the toys with small parts to keep them all together.


We gave some of the bigger toys away to family.

I had a huge pile that I wanted to try to sell. We have a resale store here called Kid-to-Kid so that was my first stop. They took quite a bit!

Next up is donations, whatever toys Kid-to-Kid did not accept I plan to donate. Here is a list of donation places that the City of Austin put together.

And finally, I had a small bag of little items, random toy parts and broken toys that I will  recycle with the City of Austin’s curbside recycling program called, Simple Recycling. I talked about this program in my tip about recycling. This is for items that would normally end up in the landfill but with this program they will try to recycle everything first. You just put the items in the green bag provided by the City and set out on the curb on your recycle day.


So now our play room is picked up, sorted and organized!

Have I inspired you to do a toy purge of your own?

If you need help  getting started — please give me a call so we can discuss how I can help ~ 512.924.1619!

If any of these tips have helped, please share your success and tag me in the post – @holisticallyorganized


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