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In my last post I shared ways to reduce clutter in your home and reduce the amount of stuff you bring into your home. Now I want to share 5 ways to reuse everyday things. Most of these ideas stem from a combination of me being frugal 🙂 as well wanting to be environmentally responsible! In the next post I will give you some recycling tips to finish out how best to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


Reuse furniture – we had originally purchased this 6-cube shelf for my husband’s massive t-shirt collection in our master closet. However, we eventually installed Container Store Elfa shelving (which by the way is a wonderful investment) and had no longer had a need for this particular piece in our closet. I absolutely hate to get rid of furniture so I thought of a great place for it – somewhere that I never intended to put a piece of furniture. I put it in the hallway between our boy’s bedrooms and filled with toys and over-sized books. It has turned out to be the perfect addition for the area. Another example of this would be when I reused the mug rack holders in an earlier post for necklaces. It’s not exactly furniture but a similar idea.



Reuse baggies – I admit I have a baggie addiction! They are such a great way to organize and contain but I realized I was going through them way too fast. Now I reuse any baggies that were not used for food. I keep a little collection in different sizes and then use them to organize: puzzles, extra office supplies, small toy parts, etc.



Reusable bags – Because of my baggie addiction, I started to buy a few reusable baggies. I love feta cheese in block form but once you open it, it makes a bit of a mess unless you contain it. We always have it in the house so I found myself reaching for a new baggie every couple of weeks when we got a new block of cheese. Since the baggie gets pretty icky by the end of block, I thought a reusable baggie would be the perfect solution for this. And it has been! The one we have is the Stasher Reusable Silicone Food Bag*. It’s nice and sturdy, has a tight seal and can go in the dishwasher. 


Reusable baggies and containers also come in handy for school snacks. We need to send three snacks to school for my oldest son and I knew I didn’t want to go through that many baggies a day so we use the containers in the picture below to send fruit, veggies and other snacks. The links for both products are below. 


We are big fans of the Take & Toss Toddler Bowls with Lids*. They are great for traveling! The Lunchskins Reusable Velcro Sandwich Bag* is a new edition to our reusable supply but it works great and is dishwasher safe. There are a ton of patterns to choose from!


Reusable napkins and kitchen towels – About 5 years ago, I was browsing Etsy and the cutest cloth napkins caught my eye! I realized what a good idea it was to ditch our paper napkins and some buy cloth ones. It has saved us money and decreased the amount of trash we have (we aim for 1-2 bags of trash a week). And they are cute to boot! The following have great reviews and are on my Amazon wish list: Cotton Craft – Water Color Effect Plaid Cotton Dinner Napkins*. Instead of using paper towels or sponges to clean our kitchen and bathroom counters I use microfiber towels. I purchased the Zwipes Microfiber Towel Cleaning Cloths* few years ago and keep them under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. I’ll use several throughout the week and then just throw them in the wash. They are obviously more economical than paper towels and I feel like they are more hygienic than sponges since we only use once before washing.


Reuse organizational products – In an effort to try to get organized many of us purchase products to help us. Sometimes, though, we purchase something that just isn’t quite right for the area. On top of my boy’s dressers was their diaper changing station that had a basket next to the changing pad filled with diapers, wipes and other baby necessities. Once they had outgrown that phase I now had a couple extra baskets. Initially, I kept them in our bathroom closet and was using them both to hold some of my workout gear. At the same time, under my bathroom sink I had a disorganized situation. We kept toothbrush chargers, our steamer, as well as many different sizes of curling irons. We mainly would just toss the item back under the sink since we didn’t really have anything to corral it in. I was thinking about this area recently and thought I wanted a pull-out drawer. I bought a couple of these from Target and was excited to use them because they were a great price, really sturdy and also looked great! As they were sitting on my bedroom floor waiting for me to install them, I happened to notice that the two baskets in our closet were not being used fully. So instead, I put everything in one basket in the closet and used the other basket for under the sink. It fit perfectly under the sink and was the right size to hold everything. It also pulled out easily so no need to install the pull out drawer. It was nice to be able to just use what I had on hand and return the one I purchased back to Target!

I hope these tips inspire you to look around your home and think of ways you can reuse products or incorporate reusable products into your lives.

If any of these tips have helped, please share your success and tag me in the post – @holisticallyorganized

If you need help thinking of ways to reuse products in your home – please give me a call so we can discuss how I can help ~ 512.924.1619!

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