Is the Art piling up?

Both of my boys have been in daycare since they were babies and I remember anxiously awaiting the day they brought their first masterpiece home. It is wonderful seeing what things they create and their imaginations evolve! However, if you are like me you wondered what in the world to do with all the art! There. Is. So. Much. Art!

Before I came up with a system, the art would stay on the counter for about a week and then move to a pile on my desk for another few weeks or months! The system I’ve created currently works for us and our 5 year old and 3 year old. I’m sure as they grow older this system will change.

There are four places that the art will go and the type of art (or the quality :)) will determine which place it will end up.

1) The Art Wall – We have an “Art Wall” upon entering our house through our garage. This is generally where I put the items that I absolutely love. By the way, yes – I do feel a bit bad being a harsh judge of my children’s artwork but with the amount that comes home, I tend to favor the painting and glued art over the “paper cut” and marker scribble artwork!

Our view as we walk in the house!

    2) The Back of their Bedroom Door – This is for bigger pieces or pieces they love and put a lot of effort into. We tape the art on the back of their door so that they can appreciate their work.

    The back of my oldest son’s bedroom door.

    3) Their Personal Basket – They each have a basket in their room that sits on their dresser that didn’t really have a purpose. Recently I started putting in there their 3-dimensional artwork. This year my oldest made a cute groundhog with a paper cup for Groundhog’s Day, which would be hard to hang or file.

    They can put their 3D art and other tschotskes here.

    4) The Art File – and speaking of filing, the last place that I will put their art is in a file box to keep for the future. This is where the majority of the art goes. Prior to the new school year I will take down the work from the art wall and their bedroom door and put in the file box. That way we have clean slates for the upcoming school year! In the file box is a file for daycare for each boy and then this year my oldest has a new file for Pre-K. I’m guessing moving forward the boys will have their own file box and I will create a file for each school year.

    The art file!

    There is a 5th place…can anyone guess what it is?? This place is where the art goes when the boys aren’t looking 🙂 You know the type that goes here…the crayon and marker scribles or the coloring sheets, etc.

    I hope this gives you an idea of where to put your children’s lovely artwork!

    If you’ve got piles of art and need help figuring out where to put it – please give me a call so we can discuss how I can help ~ 512.924.1619!

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