Organization Tip for Caregivers

About once a year my husband and I will take a much needed trip without our kids! My mom will stay with the kids and she will get much needed Nonna-time with them.

My mom usually teases me for the 4 page document I prepare for her explaining what needs to happen when and where the kids need to be at what time. But the one thing she does appreciate is the medicine dosing chart I have taped to the medicine cabinet in the boy’s bathroom.

On the one pictured, the Ibuprofen chart is on the back but in the Word document provided below both charts are on one page.

It’s not just for my mom’s convenience, though. It’s for my husband and mine as well. When our son started going to daycare he, of course, started to get the many daycare colds. We were constantly trying to find the poorly Xerox-copied medicine dosing chart from the pediatrician. Finally I decided to create my own nice looking one, laminate it and put it somewhere helpful – next to the medicine!

I either put the boy’s initials next to their current weight category or I’ll write out their current weight. That way if it is in the middle of the night and I’m dealing with a sick child, I can quickly check what the correct dosage is according to the pediatrician.

I thought this might be a handy document others could use so I’ve made it available here as a download. It is in Word so that you can adjust if your pediatrician has different suggested dosage amounts.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. This document was copied from my pediatrician’s medicine dosing chart provided by Tylenol and Motrin. Please consult with your doctor to confirm your own dosage.

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