Preparing for a New Baby

One of my client’s was pregnant with her first child and she wanted help in the baby’s nursery – in particular with the closet. After all the baby showers she kept putting the gifts in the closet and just wasn’t quite sure what to put where.


She also wasn’t sure where to put the changing pad. She had thought about putting it in the closet since it was a decent size. I realized that the shelf in the back of the closet would be the perfect length for a changing pad. She had a handyman come out and extend the width of the shelf and the pad fit perfectly!


Once the baby’s changing pad was in place, we went through all of her gifts, unwrapped them and organized them within the closet, the rest of the baby’s room and baby’s bathroom.

It can be overwhelming as a first time mom. As a mom of two I have experienced this feeling. This was our baby’s room after all the showers and before the organization (spot the puppy!)!


I can help with this process. It’s just like any other organization job, but instead of deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, the conversation is what in the world is this product for and where should I put it! I can help bring a sense of calm before your baby arrives so that you know his or her room is ready for them!

Our first baby’s nursery after all of the organization!


Organized baby changing station!

If you or someone you know is expecting their first baby and needs help figuring out what goes where – please give me a call so we can discuss how I can help ~ 512.924.1619!

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