Products I Love: Expandable Mug Wall Rack

I was originally going to focus this post on jewelry storage, specifically hanging your necklaces but as I looked at the product I was going to mention, I realized it was much more versatile than hanging necklaces. What product am I talking about? A mug rack! Not just any old mug rack, though, this one hangs on the wall and is expandable.

When we moved into our house over 5 years ago, I had the perfect spot in our bedroom for a jewelry area. As I was unpacking, I found a few (four to be exact) of these mug racks. I have no idea why I have four and I have never once used them for mugs! However, I instantly realized they would be perfect for all of my necklaces – yes I have a lot! I spray painted them gold and hung them up on my wall. It works perfectly because I can see my entire collection easily.



I remember these in my room growing up, I used one to hold my small purses. There you go – another idea for them! Again, no idea why I had four, but I’m sure my mom had something to do with that!

Another way I use these are in my son’s closets for their coats. If you read my last post, I talked about how I created a space for kid’s coats on the door of our coat closet downstairs. Well, when it’s not coat season, the coats stay in their bedroom closets on these mug racks.


5 other great ways to use this product:

  1. to hang children’s sports medals
  2. to hang superhero capes and masks
  3. to hang baseball hats
  4. to hang backpacks
  5. to hang scarves

Although my childhood purse collection has outgrown these, as you can see I’ve found a few other ways to use them! Always be on the lookout to use products differently than intended.

If you have lots of necklaces, capes or hats you would like organized but just do not have the time or patience – please give me a call so we can discuss how I can help ~ 512.924.1619!

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